Human’s are immortal

Humans are born by birth immortal ,but it is the conspiracy of crooked one to instill the feeling of mortality to sell their products in the garb of various solutions offering nirvana to en cash and to gain power by the wicked one.  

The question of human mortality is stupid one as the reality is that human live till they live and when they physically depart from this earth ,than it is like going concern for better task ,a up gradation to get better opportunities ,its like switching job ,and there is no cause for regret of anything else,its just usual course  that’s flowing for ever.
the memory is stored and carried  ,it may be dormant at times but with the touch of necessity it flames and co relate to the hidden treasure.
the basic understanding lies with human ,he interpret the circumstances and analyse it and sometime just not bother as everything is going on smoothly to put pressure on oneself.
the newer technology has added much to immortalize man,the picture,the video   of his whole life are preserved for posterity as if one is always there ,but retired from contributing more to the betterment/detriment to the society.
the retirement is part and parcels of ones life ,one has to retire ,when sometime one has contributed all that one have and may have got some sort of enlightenment .,the earth moves on its axis and also around sun and may be rotating around other elements of galaxy /universe ,it is a sort of a long queue of humans/animals/other elements of universe etc moving ahead and his place taken by another one ,the entity in universe collide/break up  due to many factors and again forms some new form as destruction as well as evolution are continuous process ,so as one climbs to the higher ladder ,so that person below may also get opportunity to move,the all elements of nature ,it appears that want change therefore therefore process of evolution and destruction is a continuous one .
one become fed up playing one role ,bearing a image ,which varies slightly here and there 

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