Deducing an answer.

The issues are marred by various tangible and intangible attachments ,the perception ,notion,prejudice,self interest and are also made complicated by advocaters of status qua ,further much due undue deliberations ,relevant or irrelevant ,just to show their existence further vitiate issues ,but ultimately all rubbish associated is to be identified and deleted to arrive at true issue ,and once issue emerges bare,clear ,than answer deducing becomes easier .
 To understand /arrive at answers,first of all arrive at core of issue ,avoid haste,attempt step by step approach analyse all possible answers/deduce on scale of rationality,feasibility.practibility ,sustainability and by churning out relevant answers ,remained and emerged are worth emulating.
I n present world ,various technologies,scientific,conceptual tools are available to make deducing authentic/diverse/relevant. 
There are times when one does not know the answers, but if one apply his knowledge and     try deducing options/alternatives to derive answer ,  it gives an insight into what one knows and ones ability to seek and explore solutions,the answers are not always around and at the same time it is different answers to different peoples/circumstances ,the answers sometime has more relevance in choosing the path forward ,so it is necessary that path chosen is perfect one but it should not  disaster.

We need to move onward with right intent and determination and the variance could always be corrected/analysed in  reaching to a solution,the answers in the earlier times were arrived mostly by intuitions  and ones limited memory but in the present time the science and the technology has caused lot of changes.the alternatives are to be developed and pros and cons are to be weighed.
Despite all advancement the situation arrives where one is hardly left with answers beyond a point in the individual state or else ,the answers turn out to be illusive.
The answers may be quite simple but the internal state has made the deducing difficult and  thought s goes in different  direction but the mindset filled with earlier developments and their perceived interruption in actual or imaginary world not allowed deducing.
The answer one has arrived by his knowledge and keeping in view the potential harm and advantages likely to be effected,but  more deduction is needed in the sense of avoiding the exception in physical and  perceived sense.
The decisions are to be taken and it could be most ordinary one or significant one ,the major issues are better left to the institutions the societies have created for dealing with it and in these larger issues modern time has given technology for trying to share opinion and to become conduit of mass changes.
 But the individual day to day happiness depends upon his ability to arrive at correct answers that the self fully immersed in it,
the books are available carrying the solutions of varied problems but one need to deduce the element of uncertainty and ones capacity and enhance the value by better adopting the answers in its entirety
ultimately the results  need the right deducing the answers so that the path of growth remains intact. 

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