The test of follies

The  repetition of those blunders which has caused huge turmoil again and again ,but the predisposed state tend to forget too soon and again itch to venture leading to repetition and perplexed state of misery. 
Much of causes are hearty apprehended yet no concrete regular steps to address them are difficult to initiate to not endure rigors of cobweb and break mold and become free,the factors that nourish status-quo  in deprivation of will and surrender to tendencies knowing/unknowing without way out.
The evolution take shape albeit everything ,it might not had been smooth,haphazard may be due to natural or man made follies ,misguided adventures,but it real test could only be attempted after its full impact pervades all around,here to there are so called different sort of rationalists ,some who found past too sacred and feels present should also molded in it perfectly ,some blame to limited connectivity not allowing sharing of knowledge earlier but to other side of folly appears that more connectivity allows more scope to propagate it farther.
The analysis is based on the perspective of who is attempting it ,individual,group,organisation,nation,society etc ,and if the narrow end of one were met than despite being biggest folly may not termed it so by them,rather may be treated as big achievement.
Therefore one of the biggest follies may appear that to judge it from limited angle/perspective,which is accentuated /aggravated by multiple fold of segregation based on geography,beliefs,boundaries,color,so ultimately bigger folly is that all analysis be based on common people plight,which is routinely evaded, despite being the most significant one.

The folly to qualify as folly in today’s environment of organisation and else need to qualify some ingredients as ,first of all these muse be clearly contrary to the self interest of the organisation or group pursuing  them,its like digging ones own base, such action  are taken when the door of wisdom are closed and the command passes to such forces.

The second element could be that these are conducted over a period of time not just a single burst of irrational behavior, further sometime these are conducted by a number of individuals and at last may be that there may be people alive  who pointed out then correctly why the act in question may turn in sometime appear that it is very common that at large scale the follies are being committed yet nobody notice it and despite having all ingredient of folly ,no one qualify the same as the same,but  large scale of follies are being committed  everywhere and as if it became the norm,Sometimes  it is that it may be folly but by chance it did not turn out like it, may be due to  someone corrected or took some measures later on. ,further it is also said that rational decision sometime do not lead to rapid growth and  that based on animal spirits surge..

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