Proactive learning.

The learning is both ways i e consciously and unconsciously ,the conscious learning may contain the learning which is derived by conscious efforts
while pursuing the deliberate learning process
the consciousness may itself had been somewhat occupied by preconceived idea /opinion and the impact of culture prevailing in ones surrounding ,yet the conscious learning may provide one the opportunity to understand the things in new context and give up the wrong preconceived opinion and the ability and success of trainer/person undergoing such learning could only be judged on the basis of what positive impact ,he/one  has been able to create on his students/participant.further for the conscious learning there need to be a will in one that one has the strong inner will /wish to learn and is open to all new sort of ideas and experiences and whether one is student /participant in learning process or not ,the conscious learning can be formal and informal ,the one can keep consciously learning throughout life by reading/conversing/pondering newer things.
we learn many things consciously and also understand its importance but it may usually not last much untill it is re-enforced by regular practices.
proactive learning may allow us to mitigate much of our fears and may increase the level of comfort and tranquility in the same circumstances and means/environment.
the learning may also occur unconsciously as the man is a social person which interact daily with neighbors ,friends ,office colleagues ,society function and even while walking/living many people always come in touch and the interaction is naturally there , 
further the human observe much in his day as his eyes are open until sleep,further today’s man watch television,net etc so many things impact him  unconsciously  ,it may be positive or negative ways ,the fear,the loneliness etc could be added unconsciously by viewing the state of affairs in the surroundings and unconsciously the will of one may up or down as suggested by the brain programming  and processing.
the impact of learning may help in monetary gains sometime if not so ,it may certainly add to the quality of the life of one.
one need to learn throughout life to remain relevant in life and to avoid to succumb to the temptations which may vitiate ones life to the worse.


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