Natural disposition to willful blindness

One think,act and try to justify ones action to oneself,even then/when self-consciousness and righteousness simultaneously keep playing at the back of ones mind,there are few people who see truth before anyone else does or acknowledge ,to escape willful blindness that seem to effect everyone else is not feasible by all ,everybody know that there are cycles but sometime the hype is created with such consistent factors that majority starts to forget all logic’s and become willfully blind.
The cheating ,lying and being dishonest are common all-pervasive phenomena that is naturally present in all,only the extent and nature may differ from person to person,it is vastly prevalent different kind of dishonesty -one of wishful blindness,is practiced by all to different extent,the people don’t always compare the price one might have to pay if they are caught/held and the benefits may reap if plan fructify people weigh their dishonesty by its magnitude ,they still see themselves as honest ,if they cheat a little bit,but the harm is immense the overall damage caused by a few big cheat is sometime much less than that caused by several small ones,the excuses are built to justify self with self and others ,as one need to get good with oneself,the moral shackles binds one to be be blind to much happening.
one find much that is beyond justification at home,office ,society but the natural disposition of feeling constrained in indulging in so many matters appears illogical.
in the morning one start with newspaper,and finds much amazing things,some are eye opener,some require to awaken,yet the path to visualised by individual is too difficult and want to sail in boat one is in,,

sometime it could be like genuine oversight ,but manytimes it is the lack of vision,lazyness and selfcentered approach which prevents from seeing the reality which may emerge soon and hubris also add to it.,we believe our father like figures to guide us and blow that impede growth,but partial decision are blinded by hinderance/blinkers -and there are many love,ideology,respect,tradition-refuse to let us acknowledge the real deal.this is age of information overload and many accessories has been developed to help analyse all this load to a meaningful answer,but if much garbage in it than things also get distorted.

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