Conforming is comfortable.

The conforming to anything prevalent is the least resistance of path,and the life is short and a large part is lost in growing up or to say to acquire the minimum ability to see the different angle and even that level is achieved the man has more compelling task to perform ,the theory of need is real one rest matters later on.if a two group of people are asked to compare two object than all would usually say different things but the others reaction is told in advance,more will adhere to the general consensus.

And in other words it was that volunteers seems to be conforming not out of conscious choice but out of a different way of seeing itself.there are many motives behind conforming,as if no gift are there than why to labour,to sail with general trend is much easier,ones own interest need not be disturbed.

So if humans have a natural disposition to willful blindness ,to escape this menace the culture of yes man need not be encouraged in an organisation so that organisational culture and employees ability /willingness to offer unpopular advise in maintained and artificial discontinuity into their working environment be increased,the phases of confusion and rudderless leadership that force people to relook set processes and do away with conforming.
the conforming is sometime becomes a escape route,when one could not digest the thing which one is endorsing,yet it may be worthy to not have open confrontation ,rather then  weighing the options ,keeping the mind open and to wait for appropriate opportunity ,
all desire comfort in life,but the concept of comfort differ among people,some find the comfort in isolation,some find comfort in being always between public.the conforming to the social standards,the organisations standard,the institution standard are the thing which one has to dwell and keep the variance in check to avoid becoming a issue ,the growth is more feasible by taking the calculated and monitored risks,yet where one finds that someome has closed all the doors ,it may not be worthwhile to hit the stone in the hope of molding it,the costs may be too high to afford.
the other aspect may be that one conform to ones own lifestyle of pleasure,there are multiple task that man need to perform,yet at heat he is the one who evaluate self and tries to conform to achieve the satisfaction for self .
the deviation to improve upon,to explore the other way out cannot be ruled out,but the humans as individual or humans even collectively has limitation to the extent of longevity of fight ,when despite much efforts results are in doubt and the cost incurred in the term of material and immaterial terms.
the solution are to be made much conformable to self and others,its the passage of time in which something is to be done at many junctures,
its also a great art that ones boss,others always find one conforming and dwell numerous benefits,its also not a easy task,one may feel that despite so much adherence one is not considered to be adhering yet the other one despite lessr adherence is considered more complaint
comfort is one of the basic need of a human and to attain it,one need to conform to the standards prevalent.
the vision of comfort lies in the conforming to the highest possible standards of performance and adhering to the most modern and relevant concepts.
the question arises with whom to conform,its flowing with the tide ,when the current is strong ,its useless to sink while trying to sail in another direction ,but when there is confusion and at the time ,things are as if flowing in many direction ,then with whom to conform,it may be prudent to remain in a range in such a situation to devire the maximum comfort,here ones vision and prudence matters and the perception about the things to come ,that matters to decide the plunge and reaping the harvest of masses following the conformation/journey. 
at a time what is prevalent may has its basis and reasons ,the direction do not change so occasionally and the sanity may be the need of hour defined by the particular era.
conforming to ones ideals/ambition is to be moved with comfort ,how far one can go and what hfar one is accepted comfortably is to be remembered at all hours and according the slow and steady penetration may unfold leading to the conforming to the vision ,nothing is wrong in venturing but as soon as the fault appears visible ,one need to move toward conforming and not losing the idle comfort. 

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