It is deep rooted attraction/passion which occurs regularly ,like the peacock dance as rains get dense.A particular surrounding ,weather ,environment,memory,delusion which arouse strong feelings regularly and get deeply embedded in ones self could be termed as a sort of obsession.
One when leave merit and demerits and leave all theoretical concepts of relevance/irrelevance etc and vehemently give color to own sight/view to choose something[passion],for one to be able to immerse in it peacefully ,while all volcanoes erupting outside ,to provide a lasting solace of finding something relevant purpose of eternal value to make life fulfilled.  
The people who have have some great obsession 
are lucky one,to achieve something,to pursue something great than the life, would go in a better direction and various type of ailment may disappear.
A muse has said to held the secret of performance of some outstanding man,to be very eager and pursuing something not for some petty gains but by whim mixed with wisdom ,which may not let feel one tired or bored in the long journey of pursuing.,but would always keep ones spirit high as it becomes one of the primary object of ones being.
One need to be cautions that one is obsessed for some worthwhile cause and keep the consequences in mind so that when something is able to shatter it even than much remorse is not there and some sweet memories are stored.
One in too short life not able to decide by wit to pursue a path ,the lucky one get obsessed with a cause or thing and start worshiping it.

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