The infusing life into stone.

We need to make someone as witness to our deeds generating from inner self,an attitude of an observer never getting entangled,and a sense of objectivity is there,the things become easy ,one enjoy a movie,feeling that he is not the part of it,the standing oasis in the of peace and tranquility in the midst of turbulence,something is there which may not change in our lifetime.the beliefs are many,the losses are there ,the profits are there,the balance sheet carries intangible assets which the accountant tries to measure,in some part of world the stones are made sacred by chanting some poems etc and then it is believed that life has been instilled in them of that divine being ,the question may be of faith or a medium of concentration to ward off troublesome thoughts.

all what is present in world is there as all other things are there and it is there that the virtues of some things are known earlier and of some would be known later.
the value of thing which value is not known by anyone is more profound and infusing life into them as they also infuse life in living one by creating structures,its a reciprocal step.
the life is to infused in the minds of some,whose wills shattered and they exists just because they exists,a nobel cause may allow to lit their life away from darkness and the light of knowledge may pervade all aspects.

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