The human lion and jungle lion.

In the jungle the lion need not to demonstrate his power,which is evident to all resident there and further has to face some challenges when another lion appear in the vicinity,apart from it no other thing is required to maintain his rule and no threat to his authority and the governance goes on at the most natural way.

The human lion need much more to keep his flock together and there is other major difference is that the jungle lion needs are limited to maintain himself but the human lion need much more to maintain him and to be in such a state to upheld the task and be in at good stead with self image.
the human lion earlier were the loner and their muscle strength was sufficient to maintain his dominance ,later on when some group formed he needed some sub group to maintain his authority,the humans are active one and there mind is too fertile  for contagious thoughts,so there was a need to create some divine element which suits the authority,than various customs,traditions and others were perpetuated that nobody dares to defies his authority.
later on with the advent of more top rated people who are equivalent to ruling class with their wealth,with their knowledge and skills the rule of group was started to shared as lion /king size living was available to many .

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