Corporate governance.

In the present era ,some of the corporate have grown in such enormous size and having such wide presence that they are in the position to impact the society in many ways,their financial muscle is huge ,their product commands so much market and their wide spread network of staff and distribution network can have wider impact on the welfare of common man.
the corporates also has immense liability in maximising the wealth of the shareholders and other stakeholders.
for these considerations ,it is essential that corporates governance be made transparent ,so that the stakeholders may not remain in dark and the company does not deviate from its core objectives.
the ways and means/systems and procedure need to be introduced so that there is transparent sustem and disclosures ,which includes checking system,auditing and periodic disclosures and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities
more equally important is the ethical culture ,values prevalent in the organization ,the creditability of the company in the mind of its employee,public and other stakeholders should be high enough.
in the present era the growth in earning is more so the result of goodwill ,friction less services ,innovation and consistency and ethical values of the company..

there is much talk about corporate governance now it is broadly set of practices and associated processes that a corporation deploy/need to deploy /need to adhere to safeguard the interest of its stakeholder which may also include clients,employees,investor,vendor,partner,government and society at large.,it should not be just a matter to be complied but be integral to value system of business world.

the corporate governance enhances the competitive strength of a company,the value in the eyes of citizen who are also the customer feel proud to be associated with a entity which they feel as ideal in values to be adopted by all.
WHEN IN DOUBT-DISCLOSEis also very useful in ensuring corporate governance of highest level ,its no use to build excuses and giving any explanations.
the tone of good governance moves from top and flows all the way to the lowest level in the organisation ,leaving no one from CHAIRMAN TO DOORMAN,the long term sustainable growth is all about a commitment to values and ethical business conduct .it encompasses law,regulation ,process and practices affecting the way a organisation is directed,administered,controlled and managed.and only those companies that earn respect from all stakeholder will survive in long run.
to percolate good governance a organisation need to focus on increasing the ethical judgement capacity of its employees,manager,directors and they always focus on increasing their competencies may be it skill based,technical one etc because it is not the high regulation and policies alone that run the organisation but it is the people that counts and they matter more in improving and idealising the corporate governance.the sum total of decision taken by management and employee at all level is the true judgement of the practices that are followed and to see how much deeper these are in the mind and conduct -of employees.

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