Core competence.

One has to avoid the sucking sound of core by active leadership,new voices,safe spaces to encourage identify the activity that can make the company special is no doubt have relevance but leaping new core competencies and forgetting some core competence no more relevant in this time ,the unlearning of core competencies which are no more relevant and the change is to be brought at the right time,and responding to the risk would require combination of organisational and business model innovation.

Today the changes are fast and it is like moving fast and breaking things and instead by core competency to look for only cost reduction one may look for things that would provide competitive advantages the rules of the game are changing and now it is dynamic environment in which the leaders have to act,they need their own competency to move fast ,handle things,grab opportunities and unlearn redundant practices,for example the first lesson in e commerce may be to have sound infrastructure,and there may be times when you have to compromise growth to fix the fundamental,the due diligence is to be made to ensure that product and the experiences are aligned with peoples need,lifestyle and shopping behaviour,the competencies are in term of manufacturing,technology,the peoples,the brand loyality,the image of company,the availability of resources,all these are required to be considered to /while shifting/aligning the core,the changes are fest,and the relevances are lost fast,hence need to preserve the core task of company to survive and grow to create value is to be fulfilled,therefore the vigilance to changing business environment and market place has to be considered.

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