Entrepreneur and intrapreneurs

eEntrepreneurs could be seen as one who relinquishes what is safe and secure to set out to make his /her dream come true and sometime persons with such zeal joins organisation to become intrapreneur,they strive to achieve the success of organisation as if it is their individual success.
the founders may know the every brick in the foundation,he may know what inspired the company what was required to create it,that knowledge,that history brings with it a high level of passion to do whatever it takes to succeed,as well as an intuitionabout what is right and wrong,but one is too close to a situation,entrepreneur can be blinded by emotions ,unable to see it fresh and with the eye of a more objective out

It is very helpful if employee has entrepreneurial mindset ,they will add value to business at every level,thus making the organisation response much faster and more effective,such employee are self motivating and small guidance and supervision may be required so that they do not deviate the path overall of org,
such employees need enough space and freedom to use their freedom to use their potential,the important task is to create an eco system which enhances the entrepreneurial ability of employees,therefore it should be endevour to create a culture that is motivating,exciting ,flexible and gives employees room to grow.
such employees possess the ability to understand the vision and the mission of company and work toward it,they can foresee challenges and be promt in counterstrike.  

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