It could be described as the feeling that all world has been created for one and they/one has all right to exploit,pollute ,fight over it without botheration that nothing is left in the process.
The person is not able to see any finer points in other and sometime that are seen just for public speaking-with desire to appear but yet in self there is no real regard for it.
egoism is compounded or sometime neutralized by the negative thoughts in the mind of self about oneself,this inherent weakness is also blamed to the action,desire of other.
A person tend to believe that he can read the mind of all ,can understand their motives and has all the right to repulse them,person may be small or big in stature,wealth yet ego has no relation to any real possession as it was all his,he deserved and its the fool with luck enjoying it.
The exaggerated self evaluation with total neglect for other concern leads to fly in ego,which takes away many opportunities ,which otherwise could have landed to one.
Ego is usually built and nourished with the desire for self preservation,and to be too subservient to all others request may not be way out ,to be too tender and emotional/impulsive may not be of much help,after all one is not liable for present situations around,definitely one need to be sensitive yet cant be swayed by all  ills prevailing.
Ego might build in some due to the neglect one has faced in the life and seeing all ones genuine request being turned rudely,and some psychological aspect may also be there,i e loneliness,not mixing/integrated in surrounding and some phobias etc.
The success and possession may also create in one the feeling of too much self importance/worth and one starts viewing others as inefficient ,worthless,incapable etc.
But in world where interaction is of utmost importance to solve world crisis and to shape destiny in smooth way ,if due to ego decision makers do not talk,leaders do not lead,wrong things are not pointed out,participation is reduced and the notions formed prevails ,then it harms the development,peace of humanity. 
The big wars were fought just due to ego of some individuals being hurt,therefore issues need to be resolved and not be allowed to take solid form of mindset/behaviour.
For fulfilling ones ego one is not ready to listen others concern/preoccupation and one just wants his task completed,order obeyed,the mutual reconciliation is hampered by such tendencies.

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