The secrets of relationship

The myth and the old stories which is poured in man since birth make him believe  about some spiritual,divine and pure,sacred and lasting relationship for many lives to come ,but this does not seems to hold much .relations are formed to get some company and to get some security or to jointly face some adversaries.

There could hardly be any relations in which serious friction has not developed from time to time.the devastating heartbreak sometime last long and one languished in self pity and futile struggle to get out of pain,
the relationship was real for one,and spend happy times,moving on is obviously painful,and its the fault that one still cant visualise the reality,the one need to understand that thing between the two have changed fore ever,the concerned one in relationship sometime do not have the same emotion,and one person may like to explore else,the sacredness of relationship is not equally shared,the practically defining relationship,with ample freedom to both partner may be better option,too much expectation usually spoils the thing,each man is different and all view the thing differently,
The relationship needs to be defined and the common interest,hobbies need to be identified,at the same time the differences need to be jotted down,the frankness in relationship may help,and being honest to reality is better,rather than hushing up all differences/matters and with time the differences emerges and that common bridge not in sight.
the attachment shock,there is mental and emotional imbalances,different people react to the situation differently,some replace attachment by getting in relationship with someone else ,LIFE is much about connections,our mental,emotional,physical,psychic selves establish connections,be it with nature,people or thing,one wish/need to belong with someone/something.but usually its only connections that has built,when we connect with consciousness and awareness with what is around us,only then we actually relate to them,and in the name of relationship only arrangement are pulled by compulsion or as having no alternative,we want a comfortable life,and so we make arrangements that are comfortable,but we do not have courage to accept that we had formed relationship for comfort,rearrangement/modification are needed over time,
our life built around the idea of comfort needs arrangement but our heart yearn for something pure in the pool of pollution,we are geared to think of becoming economically independent,have a family and home,which is secure,
one need to lose ego and expand inner self,one respond to situation based on his limited knowledge and the mental and physical state of that time,,the all of ones responses based on state of all health of that time ,the response are based on on usually ignorance,because one base it on the experiences provided bu senses and momentarily impulses,,the realised one need to know that one do not know everything and not correct always,should be flexible,willing to go with flow,the life puts one through many situations and pressures,PAINS ,the concepts should be clear that its about equal footing of understanding.the sharp reaction spoils the relations,one need to enjoy the flow of relationship rather then indulging in finding its mistakes and making effort to reforming it,

even to a negative horizon,even those relationship which has survived ,but has certainly gone through phases when its survival was doubtful or it was just compulsion or simply desire to sustain it at all cost.

the all relations are based on selfishness ,and the common sort of criminal developed there lasting relationship easy and they need lesser to review their relationship

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