Inputs and outputs

The inputs taken by a human in this ocean of inputs leaves its mark it is only the courageous who experiment in the sense that they take input according to their self and use them in the finest way to see the value of inputs.

There is huge air in all surrounding,to be at peace with our surrounding air and to breathe  calmly and pleasantly as if no input is being consumed and allowed to consume one,the voices are flowing around one in the every bit of available space,the voices and the words in them does not allow one to be at peace and disturb the output in a way that it may be visible to other people but the self of one is fully empty and burning.
some of the inputs are with one since the birth many are added by self or surrounding,than the emotions and will shape the output in the shadow of fate somewhere,the inputs which disturb the inner peace need to be progressively reduced and one need to learn the art to enhance the real experience of relaxation and emotional empowerment.
The all input received need not be pondered,the waste need simply to get rid off as most physical pain and illness is self injected by producing the inputs and negative energy in mind.with the advent for newer communication the inputs are flying at every level but the capacity to catch the right input is required and above all one need to rest in timeless empty void.
The path is blocked,the inputs are not adding and the input which have no meaning lying there,the garbage not gone,the deciding factor is of relevance,some are not awaken,and the exploring is not there part,humans try to choose a path that can give them the luxury of their dominance and avoiding the questions.

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