The perceived satisfaction

The SATISFACTION is the perception ,one could be satisfied with the effort,other may not be satisfied with the achievements made.
to become fully satisfied is not the state /fate of human and the main reason of it could be the basic human nature of meddling in the affairs of others unduly,to be suspicious,the policy of divide and rule,and the belief that i am superior and can shape the world and others as if they do not understand much.
The satisfaction could be perceived by just reading the paper or watching the others effort/result,
two teams are playing hard in the field and by mere watching the event much real satisfaction of the moment is derived by the spectator.
the human need not the helps of some drinks ,but needed is to perceive the satisfaction of the day /or the rememberance of golden plated instinct/events so that one satisfactorily walk into the land of deep sleep/dream.
the human life also has many inbuilt phases-and with the perceived satisfaction of one age ,one can comfortably walk toward another phase of life.
the positive power/capacity /attitude of one give the power of satisfactory perception and deriving of perceived satisfaction.
a valiant crusader is able to perceive satisfaction,the one who acts can really perceive satisfaction rest may perceive satisfaction which may turn into illusion and after shock.
the satisfaction is usually perceived because nobody knows what is the true and universal satisfaction,the satisfaction to one is what satisfy one.the virtual world has added to some extent to the satisfaction,but it could be disputed by some but if one give balanced time to virtual world and remain active in his world with spirits than one may increase the perceived satisfaction.

one need a medicine or stimulation to see and feel the perceived satisfaction in life,one need to live in real world without hesitation and adding too much cover by importing too many additive to the life,the perceive is the quality which requires to be added in ones confort zone.
one cant get the moon but what one gets is no less than moon,it is the feeling which takes away pleasure from things and unjustly hamper the natural instinct.

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