The fool

Its amazing that a person not fitted in the moment pleasure is usually considered as a fool,suppose a talk is taking place about some victory in a cold war ,a person may feel and say ,what in this success,the war has not fully won and see the hidden cost and loss of opportunities by wasting money on such exercise.

This is a world ,which is now taking place will be ruled by soft power and the victories will be decided by soft power ,the hard or the crude power would not count much.
The one who feel not much satisfied in the moment success ,and the consequences is isolated and feel in woods as while enjoying a heavy party one may think that doing no exercises and taking all this stuff would result in what?such people spoils the pleasure of moments by thinking rubbish after all who has seen the tomorrow and to worry about unseen is not a sane task.
Who know what is in store and therefore need no attention to be given to it,further the government is there on the money of citizen to take and think all remedies and future if anything black could be there,so why one should indulge in acts which is beyond one jurisdiction and unnecessary taking such huge burden on ones head.
Sometimes/many times a person who usually  think  beyond the present moment and things in entirety is considered fool ,therefore it is not only prerogative of less knowledgeable person to be fool ,but the one who cant understand the undercurrent of his immediate group and cant conform to them.
The one who does not adhere the set norm and raise questions,and try/tend to swim against the tide is considered lightly.
The art of saying right things at right moment makes one perfect leader ,after all to effect change requires to understand the ground reality and the strategy/plan to gradually reinforce other aspects and after sometime to make other realizes ones point.
To get one understood is not that easy,it requires deliberation,understanding and courage to deal with it and avoid some tags.
To speak and not to act ,and to understand self too intelligent and capable of making other fool can also land in other side by becoming a big fool.
Therefore the tag is not based on really being abstract fool but inability of one to avoid being tagged with title,and some real one avoid tagging with some skills.
The game going on long where one /another try to make other fool,now with more sophisticated terminology big data are analysed and ones predisposition studied in detail to be applied successfully.
now the game has become much advanced with help of modern technology and knowledge of various subjects ,and its more so considered fair as economist endorse the animal spirit also vital for development and growth.
The one who missed the going train and one who could not fill his bucket in flowing stream is considered fool and the one who has got success by all means is considered smart,but here what one think of self is not known because fooling other may also revert back in fooling self and understanding too late to repent.

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