Rarity built on myth

The myth also plays a significant role in increasing the value of brand and increasing the life span of brand considerably,usually hidden in the history of brands are stories that could add to magic and specializes that create the aura of rarity.

Exclusivity ,authenticity and myth are three ways of creating rarity-and there could be many more,however the common point is that they all add to the specializes. brands need to add a little aura and mystique to make themselves special,
People want to align with a brand which has a novelty and suits to the personality of a individual with the brand image.human live or pretend or aspire to live for some ethics,style and vigor at least in their public life and accordingly they wish to choose the brand which carries well with their perceived personalities of self,a matching in which the in which one feel comfortable.
the rarity is by big role of myth is there ,but the myth is not a myth it has been deliberately with planning and efforts has been created and nourished.
advertising is about storytelling-telling stories that makes product and brand exciting to customar.for that ,the stories need to either make consumer relate to the brand”it connect with his life”or make the brand aspirational/i wish i could live that life.advertising at the core need to be based on real human insights and emotions.

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