Attention /somatic deficit disorder

Sometimes a single coinsurance of event or one bodily symptom disturb the routine life for long,,one is accustomed of a particular life and the slight jerk cause disruptions,therefore the attachments to gadgets is on increase ,whereas the actual involvement is lessened,the culture has helped and the vision of a culture/leader has ensured its prosperity,but the individuals suffering is the same as in the any other part of world,now a days the child hardly gets the attention and personalized care that can make them emotionally mature,rather the insecurity and self preservation has become the main theme.forgetfulness ,binge eating ,internet addiction are on the rise,
to enter into a relationship one should have the functional idea and understanding of self,if the ‘I’are shaky ,the foundation is shaky and always may lack the direction,
to enter in the relationship feeling that you complete me,as if one is actually saying that -i need you /rather then to enter relationship the better concept be the desire to share the existing happiness in my life with others.,one must have the belief in ones own ability to face the challenge or be sure of the weakness,
the events are always there ,which is tha lack of understanding it timely and when it happens ,as if the heavens fall,a single event,expression shakes one so profoundly that to normalise take a long time need to be avoided by proper grooming of self by self and acceptin and anticipating the reality.
a new disorder is being diagnosed now a day ,with the prevalence of virtual world ,which provide 24 hours touch with friends and unlimited materials ,now the plenty has resulted in attention being selective ,usually casual and short lasting.
this disorder has also having its impact on families as the children are not able to get the required attention from parents,and the real friend and family is being ignored at the cost .
this disorder has its share of benefits and downfall ,because even before the virtual world attention was not standardised ,because the moot question is whether attention is with one ,and one is able to give attention to his desires , naturalities and real selves.
it is not out of place to mention that man with his birth usually give the task of attending the attention to the prevalent norms and one stops paying attention to anything and that mold take care of all needs. of attention taking.==

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