Regrets of life

The major junctures of life ,which has caused many changes could hardly be forgotten and the regrets nourished deep usually relates to such turning points 
Its often pity that the finer points of some events/associations understood too late,when much is already closed,it pinches to remember the futility/ignorance of pursuing something for so long ,which now appears to be not worthwhile,the vision that was lacked at those/these moments and when the analysis is there ,the time has gone,as if regrets plus regrets.
the not building of golden tressure of memories is often a big regret in life ,at a later stage when building of newer memories slow down and the major associates at that stage sometimes becomes memories.
the achievement made in life at some stage are weighed by one and associates with cost to ascertain its worthiness and the analysis yields significant/painful/happy results.
what are the real regret of life,its the success ,to visualize it we need to look at the generally conceived fulfillment in life  ,the fame,the money ,the more possession and more enjoying is not that man do not know or recognise some finer elements of life/a large number of people may know and realize it sometime in their effective life/yet are not able to pursue it and end with having a nudge about not being able to live life to the best satisfaction.

1 The apprehensions-the human mind always values too much about real or perceived threats/risk in life and best part is dedicated to resist it today and tomorrow.

2 The impulses not from outside but from inside with or may be abated  from outside make the life on roads of life go in a a drunken condition and the large time is passed in the such state and to get away take large time and ultimately analsying the life as not liven perfectly.

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