The sound sleep and good wake-up

The sun rises and day sets in,the hordes of activity starts,the action plan starts implementing,/the strategies devised,the whole process of thinking/discussing/learning/implementing/followup goes on,as the dawn approaches near,the desire to break,to rest,to relax,to enjoy sets in.
the day of work/working day is over,than ideally the brain should also stops its REVERIE and should the body to rest fully,if the brain is at work,the comfort do not spreads in all part of one.
after relaxing/enjoying the one go for SOUND RELAXATION termed as sleep,the quality of sleep is determined by the cumulative impact taken by brain and allowing the parts of body to avail the leave.
after the day which stretches [if the whole events of day are counted /performed relates to self /other and breathes are counted,it would amont a century gone.
it needs a sound break,a gap,to erose much for new opening,as if evaporated from the worldy affairs and all concerns gone for deep sleep.
the pleasant wake up with no backlog of worries/concerns and to feel fresh as if rest of centuries after experience of centuries sets the day in good motion.
the burning of oil at day night in the pretext of consumerism is not much relevant,it spoil much and hamper the environment in which the deep sleep can sail freely.
the pleasure derived in sound sleep and good wake up cant be measured in monitary terms ,but it is much beyond the competence of human to measure  it /scale it ,the new beginning,the new start could be felt more appropriately.
for the them ,for whom nothing in world is beyond their reach,they have all wealth,all means,all power ,all knowledge,all wisdom and claim themselves to be in exquisite club ,but they may lack something,which takes away something much of inner pleasure and raised question mark’s which one tends to nulify in day by issuing strange directions within their sphere of influence.
much of the waste which arised in te day need to be buried in the debris while in sleep ,which need no ressurction later on,the long day’s garbage need to be buried,the quantum of one day garbage is huge and if garbage of many days is stored and carried,the one may bury in the weigh and may lose all appetite in the damp smell of it.
the gradual learning to carry the MORNING through out day may enhance creativity/innovativeness and pleasure becomes way of life.the sound sleep and good wake-up in the morning is the all what is needed to a human to define the true happiness of his life,what else could provide better relief than it,

we may sleep leaving all earthy matters behind and during sleep no such matter enters into our thoughts and the morning is like a pleasant one ,with the taste of cup of tea is worth too much.

whehter deeds provide such sound sleep or by controlling the mind artificially or naturally provide such relief is all with some bone but yet not with final answers and to me its the business throughout the day and the tiredness at the night which provides such sound sleep


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