The misery

Despite so much scientific progress ,yet the humans are not able to bind themselves in common thread.,apart from it the human are not able to free themselves from the clutches leading to wandering here and there.

the human’s need bto be free from the burden of history ,to carry it or to impose it on newly born is a sort of crime,the definitions varies and not the one written or told may be valid all the time and to impose it on one may take away all innovation and true development from one’s life.
we need to save human ,like human are saved from expired medicine by reading the expiry date mentioned on it,accordingly the thoughts and custom may have very short expiry day and should never be prescribed and propogated as good for one.
some pockets of earth where material progress has been achieved a lot ,but newer problem has come if the older burden is less on them ,yet it could be convincingly said that they are much better on all parameters on mental health or else.
most of the time persons are immersed in the details of their perceived special past and does not think of how what they are doing relates to larger picture,the picture is big one and one is tempted to not look at the real picture but remain immersed in pond of need to make choices in life to mitigate the miseries ,indecision leads to prolonged confusion ,worry and avid the misery one should seize the moment as if to take the possession of the moment,the presence which should be there is lost as it is the question of insight,the infinite power of self be trustedand move beyond the bondage of ignorance.

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