The right to offend/argue.

The right to offend reflects that all cant get ,perceive and force upon other the things and views desired by them,liked by them.

one become offended sometime without the desire of being it by chance and luck what to do in that case.

the online media gives a option to unfollow rather than being offended ,the offence is there when unwanted one is forced into being offended .

may be that other is watching the chance to offend one and as soon as the opportunity arises he strikes,and left is the offended,

the world has anomalies and all sort of things are there which can please one ,which can offend one and sometime undesired result are forced on one,

why people offend other it is the personality disorder in them or they are giving just what they have.
the outer niceness and the internal fissures of deep depth make one to offend when ever such opportunity arrives,the inventions in physical spheres has been too much but the same has not matched the human inner evolution and change of the very basic concepts all around.
one has the right to express oneself and if it is taken as offended by others than the perverseness of dubious kind may gain more roots.the logic and rationale of one uttering need to kept in mind as the things have many dimensions,
the right to offend means to challenge other by logic and innovation and its not that the weaker one could be offended at will.
the discussions/arguments has been behind the many innovation which has provided comfort to the human life,but the innovation in the minds basic programming is much required,which should not feel offended to often.
all has the right to contribute toward the evolution of better vision and understanding ,the shadows in individual minds are challenged/calmed by the healthy offensiveness,to evolve the maturity in human society and to achieve a realistic integration of human ,the openness should be there and suitable modification in the modern world be made to enhance the human satisfaction and growth.
the cities have become colorful and more lightened ,so the darkness in some quarter  is also to be removed.
since the inception of humanity ,the efforts are made to understand the human,and the perfect structure of society building,accordingly norms/tradition/culture/festivals and sports were devised,the understanding of human is yet undergoing more research ,as the conflict in humanity has hardly declined,and the people feels offended so subtly that the distraction so often take place in individual life,when the plurality is merged to make a new entity and is viewed as different expression of one ,a cohesiveness to emerge.
the human aspiration have unlimited forms,therefore the development of the art ,culture/literature  etc is ever expanding.
to have a better understanding of difference ,one need to dwell beyond his closed cell to more openness and acknowledging the difference,its  the understanding of the aspiration of human in the newer world,the primitive aspiration has got newer dimensions and man has become more merged in the combined entity ,where the all has become empowered /privileged.
the masses in many parts have newer aspirations and also want to participate in the newer world with their roots,thats a genuine aspiration according to the times. 
the children has newer means of playing and earlier means were relevant at that time,the one way march is also be cautioned and needs to rethink a balance.which allows the human to remain better humans.

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