Space is the future.

Now human want to attain perpetuity and understand basic concepts of life immortality etc which had been so far elusive,if human lives in universe at different stars with different rotating speed,different gravity etc human life length may go to any extent and impact on this Earthy body of universal forces may make it endowed with unique virtues.
 The human has landed on the moon about 30 years back but thereafter little progress seems to have been made,it may be due to costs involved or seeing the barren land and the darkness there which might have not benefited in the cause of more and rapid exploration of space.

It appears that a stage has been come where  it has been necessary to explore the space in big way despite costs involved,
the moon need to have a permanent human colony as it is nearest to earth .
To explore the universe has become necessary as man has tasted the achievement in science to a large extent and now a major and big push is required.
The space exploration and a international civilization is must,its not that we may get wealth from there immediately or in remote future but it is utmost necessary as other experiment like big bang etc to understand the god particle.
By space exploration the humanity may understand its past and many concepts and now the time has come to de-risk our civilization by expanding in space as the climate change or attack from outside agency from universe or a nuclear war ,we need to preserve the humanity by expanding in space.The big dragon’s are so concerned about their pity boundary issues ,as we start the race in space there appears to no land mass trouble and one can expand as far as one want.
The experience at space will solve many mysteries and provide breakthrough inventions which will truly make our civilization universal.The leadership should not view this decision with narrow consideration ,in the next hundred year the face of this earth would change,we would need a more understanding of universe and our own existence.
Further it appears that Earth becoming saturated  ,with many part with explosion of population/technology may became job less  and areas of troble impacting all ,therefore newer horizon to expand are essential to explore.

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