Physical disability.

The disabilities appears to be so widely spread across spectrum that there appears to be a tough competition to gain the status of being disabled  by others [nearby  ones or far off ones] and it is further worth noting that large part of population has adopted various forms of disability in name of various customs,prevalent social norms etc ,but physical disability provides deep concerns and add to difficulty in suitable adjustment in surrounding /prevalent environment ,as it is usually not understood by others the impact and difficulties faced by such person and his mental status etc,in present world the insecurity concerns are so high among even well-off  ,that concerns and issues of disabled one get sidelined.The pain is pure pain, one who also aspires to explore like rest but finds constrained due to physical disability is distressed ,
the disability impacts the growth of individuals,the movement becomes restricted and one is more confined in seclusion,the people skill,the bargaining skills ,the understanding of group dynamics etc are lesser the world outside much different to the world that is more confined in the seclusion.
The effort for bare survival in a way to mitigate the feeling of dependency and to get relieved from despondency is of much significance plus a sense of feeling that one is able to contribute something is much necessity.
The disabled one has to devise/follow ways and means to perform tasks so that effect of disability is not allowed to ruin all,the ways and means can be various gadgets,assistant,use of channels of communications and self restraint and sustained and consistent efforts,the disabled one needs to be more vigilant without bothering about the opinions, views and comments of others.the whole world /the most able persons are so concerned about security but for disabled one to ensure a minimum security is important so that sense of dependency reduces and self confidence rises.
The ability is not in the physical organs ,it lies in the brain and will and determination of individual,many people in the world are so blocked by blocks installed in consciousness and the imaginary perceptions stored in inner self that they become much disabled to perform much and become restricted to real self seclusion.
The parts of body/beauty is as per given by almighty ,the human can make effort to sustain it in longer run and to minimize and slow the pace of deterioration with age,but the disability of self consciousness is much in the hand of one ,the creative pursuits require the mental agility.  
To remain happy is a tendency and understanding of the ephemeral world and not much influenced by material worth or other drawbacks.
Yet it pinches sometime that the other peoples/world around do not understand the drawbacks/limitations of disabled one ,a need for wider education of peoples about disability ,and in the society a proper spirit be inculcated by all/various means to sensitize  the masses about the cause.
The ability is  limited by the organ and their strength provided by almighty and this lack in physical capacity usually lead in personality being impaired,there would be many who would say that one who is challenged developed more determination to fight and develop a bit more larger but such saying do not take away the pain and suffering of the challenged person despite the fact that he might had not fared so poorly on general counts.

The challenges are many but born in a species and than watching your colleagues  enjoying all the way and one finding hard to relish  have a deep pain and pain.
The disabled avoid one to fully understand the complexities of this world and become a pawn at the end of others…. 

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