Personality disorder.

The order and disorder are complicated thing to understand and it is perception and the social mold that determine its acceptability,now someone with finer urges is not willing to adhere the old and un understandable norms than titles are distributed freely.

It appears  one has to distinguish between the disorder which is biological and which has led the body and its finer parts grow less and that disorder is sort of physical disadvantage and another the mental disorder which one is understanding the lines and struggling and sometimes roaming at this side or that side.
The will is not proper and the setback of self confidence has been shattered so regularly and pervasively that the pieces  are not joined till a long period and at the fag end some hope appears… t
The misadventures are attempted again,the tendencies  are not curbed,the view about the self achievements,success and failures and the apprehensions all ruins the matters.
What one presume as very essential may be essential but not the very essential, the roads has various ending and openings.
the things which one presume would help one gain the strength may be misleading .The human search means to avoid the weakness of self by resorting to attempts which harms more than providing the much needed succor . 
The search of perfection as per ones ideal visualized state is hardly a one way journey,the deviations are the part of regularity,the search for the strength lies in avoiding plunging into self made crisis.
The limitations are to be acknowledged,the cause are not much significant,the tendency to repeat the follies gives setback,the deeper analysis and avoiding the bursting state can provide the opportunity to safe retreat.
The one be above  all happening of daily chores,yet the pursuance of regular hobbies is must ,the climbing fast become /makes difficult to stop the plunge,the regularity is the way out.
All differences has existed in the world/humanity,and all the efforts do not bear the desired fruits,the alternatives lies side by side ,and one of the investment can pays off.
The disorder lies in poor perception which harms one as well the others closely associated with one.
The human invention of various means of escaping the things hardly allows the real escaping,and the reality becomes more blurred.
The too much repeating of ones predicament does not allow things to settle,and cause much discomfort to the already weakened self. 
The finer points of one needs re enforcement ,assessment ,the wayward desires cultivated ,be aloofness and vitiated surrounding/setback is not of help,the decisions in life need to be made maturely ,not by sudden outburst of feeling provoked by ones own thought process.the way out are always there. 
the inconsistency adds to woes ,a bit relaxed approach is more useful.
What lies deep inside reflect seldom /occasionally,despite of efforts of cover up ,and real order and disorder tend to gain its fold. 
The personality is made by various ingredient,the knowledge,the vision,the confidence,the maturity ,the consistency ,the positive attitude toward life and events.the too much dwelling in past and not making erred rectification can spoil the chances of make over.
The situations are much of self creation by unduly giving weight and nursing a grouse.
The natural tendencies of human,which are driven by momentary instinct dies with the moment,it need not to be stored,and the others attitude be viewed in this context. the time has much of the healing capacity,therefore the time be given the time to heal  much naturally and by taking away that time and pre-attempting   things can cause troubles.
The circumstances are different and its are certainly hard for some one as compared to other,but spoiling the whatsoever available is of no prudence.
The days are not so onerous ,its smooth opening and ending,the pursuance of wild dream and to much self talk not help and dilutes the rationality.
The collective impacts of things will happen on all and one can only voice his concerns ,the style and substance built by one to tackle the things cast much shadow.and a particular matter /setback could not made to shroud one too far ,much beyond the realm.
The others are also much vulnerable ,and ones weakness phobia can harm the prospects of closer one.the one has to live in his world and the pondering over others attitude and the perceived threat to one is not usually individualized,the spirit of collective excellence is good ,yet the threats are collective and way out are collective and based on multiple factors unknown. 
the void and vacuum is there ,but its succeeded by better options in enlightened society,the human has to interact for own survival,the others drawback should be viewed in this context and handled tenderly to avoid major setback to self.
the more efforts and endurance is way to escape the cycle/tide,and much is healed by the time therefore the time used productively without the escape means can let shine ones personality.

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