The value system.

The modern society has revisited earlier values to make globe a village,integrating all in all spheres,opportunities to all despite sitting in any corner ,vibrancy,vitality ,exploring,,experimenting,debating,arguments,logic ,rationality,equality ,innovating and excelling in all ventures in all spheres . 
The values are adopted and evolved by person ,organisation or societies for their sustained attainment of higher standard and progress ,while propagating various ethics and cultural traits considered as norms.
With advancement of science,technology and knowledge a conflict in values arises when individual values are pitted against value system based on collectivism.
All societies has evolved ideal code of conduct ,but contradiction in practical situations arises ,hence some exceptions are also made part of it ,besides they are guiding points and it could be realized through various means/way ,further usually there is evident conflict between different values,if one stick to one value it may infringe another one ,therefore value system could not be absolute and to have flexibility ,so that growth ,development,individual  freedom,innovation protected,with modern societies are facing totallu different challenges ,which are new ,hence value systems to be evolved to suit present era and growth/inclusion of all.
Values also has their genesis in principles,[a rule or standard],the right and wrong accepted by individual or social groups.
The values are transmitted through heredity as believed by some,but the value are the reflection of an individual opinion about the self ,society and the surrounding.
This is era of productivity,and maximizing wealth of individual,society along with freedoms to live one life ,the basic value is to accept all as equal,prevalence of law and improvement /enhancement of all system,that to say to EXCEL in all ventures ,to reach height through working in proceeds with systems and constantly innovating.

The values are inherited or the early age has a profound impact on the value system of an individual.certainly initial environment has impact,further education and social circle also cast their impact,the real correction starts when adult enters into worldly  affairs and prevailing norms and environment to obtain success crystallize individual value’s,as most want to tread path ,that is general norm of time for better results.
That is not to say that change for better may not be feasible and its only in the exceptional case ,the exception’s at some point of time may become too common.
The values are some of understanding and the self prepardness to go to certain extent by certain way in pursuing something,all man does not have values,some just live by going through the module provided by time but one pause and see around and decide something which is special and the means to create separate identity of self with self and others

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