The obsession conundrum.

The obsession are necessity of life and it could be safely said that majority of human has obsession as their companion,further to distinguish between obsession and reality is a difficult call.

obsession could be also described as our dreams and all humans embark journey to  pursue their dream to logical end,but sometime when one is obsess with a sick thing as diagnosed  by other than it is said to be trouble spot.
At large as it gives pleasure,purpose to one than it should be termed as nice and in order.the obsession of one translated into ones dream is  finer thought,because at that moment many aspects are not seen and easily ignored and later on when honey moon is over the  other aspect gain  in our dreams and a few obstacles need not let it spoiled.<!– amazon_ad_tag = “devendrapokha-20”; amazon_ad_width = “728”; amazon_ad_height = “90”;//
The expectations runs high which cause jilt,and yet happy ending are the safer bets ,as in life one need to explore much and these can’t be termed as traps rather genuine attempt to explore the world.
the life of obsession may last long if suitable modification in approach is made towards its object and certain still moments are allowed in between to enjoy the moments in better entirety
It is the greatness of obsession that one see the supreme sanctity albeit for whatsoever period,the wills run high,the man reaches the moon,.and the target appears to be the most beautiful object in world,it is said that beauty lies in eyes as such it allows to understand one the real beauty of things around.
The inertia ,lack of confidence in ones capabilities /initiative etc led man to search excuses to hide own deficiencies /in competencies and just to turn wayward no sense time passer ,with all satisfactory excuses cause search for some futile obsessions. 
Obsessed to laziness ,complaining,always singing story of grievances that had fallen on one beyond rescue make one obsessed to all sort of real or imaginary excuses.
Man is tuned to be forward looking and one has to get evolved /settled according to passage of time /unfolding of circumstances ,therefore no much possibility /feasibility is there for one to stuck to a particular only thing fore ever ,setbacks are to be borne and time everything settles down and life goes on with its pace,and individuals to align with it.
Forgetting is associated with time ,with relevance gone and matters/things had turned to be part of history than hardly any can remain obsessed with them perennially.
Obsession also as if tend to evolve ,when in power and too busy ,one obsessed accordingly and when retired one tunes obsessions to golden life.
Man need to be obsessed to life as its evolving/unfolding despite all efforts of individuals /joint efforts, further invisible/intangible forces causing their impacts ,but the reality is reality that has to be accepted without much escape route available.
When one stops moving and got stuck and despite all pulls and pressures just move a bit to be again back,led one to be obsessed with particular state of things/affairs and all windows of fresh air as if closed and fragrance of dampness lures one to be redundant/outdated /obsolete yet sticking to charmless sickening mentality.
A positive curiosity makes one ready to venture ,to explore,to invent,to achieve,to explore,to gain /try something new /unique aspect which were not so far visualized and to remain immersed in efforts with positive continuity of satisfaction of efforts made /achievements to be obsessed with life and laxity/boredom never sets in ,and vigor ,pleasure,charm,hope,worthiness all prevail in ones surrounding always obsessed with.

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