The leadership of self.

We talk so much about leadership with emphasis of its role in organisation, country and society etc,the role desired  are also made skewed today as organisation and country leaders are concerned with creating a consumer class who should consume more and more even  causing the mass population of country suffering  hard,but it is justified as the economic clock is moving on.

The child is born than it is viewed as a product and future consumer,not treated as the natural logic of creation of love and strengthening of love.
The individual is sometime so replete yet to realize   is different art and knowledge yet he lives under the burden of vagueness and the direction is not there and a simple chatter shambles the self and it keep on moving in haphazard manner.
The proper leadership of one could be handled properly it needs to understands the issues first-to love oneself involves personal awareness ,paying attention to own feelings/perspectives,one need to be aware of his needs while also recognizing needs of other,if one cannot respect oneself for the person one is,how will other respect him ,one should acknowledge the changes that one need to make in his life to more enjoy self company.
low self esteem which usually arise from painful past and failures which create feeling of fear ,sadness and blame, memories of abandonment,regrets,guilt and if one blame self for hurting other and behavior not in accordance with ones value system due to weak self leads to ones poor self approval,these issues are to be looked for better self management.
The most difficult problem to handle  relates to entanglement as it relates to mind which is unable to dis tangle itself from COMPULSIVE OBSESSIVE THINKING,one need to keep emotion well under control of ones discerning intellect ,one need to be master not slave of ones passion,one may entertain passion and need not turn passionate ,harbor emotions and not being emotional ,having sentiments and not being sentimental -these things are easy said but a line need to be darkened as emotionalism disturb ones intellectual balance and poise ,passive subservience to emotions ruins ones material and spiritual well being ,one intellect rather than the impulse of mind be guide so that ones activity in life are not impacted by fluctuating likes and dislikes and bouts of changing/mellowing emotions and feeling,we need to keep in mind that particular feeling at point need not disturb our balance at in appearance same is not desirable and more so one keep on changing its perception and emotions.
One to understand ones weaknesses,strength and issues that cause turmoil of all sort and try to handle them in such way that all other activities are not derailed,one to realize oneself in ones complete potential,man can become successful leader only when one leads self properly.
One to learn to lead self properly that’s most important task to get results in life,when one is clear in understanding and approaches than only one can tackle task at hand nicely.
What one knows to be correct,and understand trial of it may be better alternative yet cant indulge in with dedication,than how one expect from other persons under ones control to implement accordingly,gap between understanding and reality should tend to narrow in unfolding true potential/result.

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