The rain [when sky talk to Earth]

When the sky begin to dance ,roar,sing and swing wildly and starts distributing fresh lease of lives to all organic being ,the barren land turns green and all surrounding more fresh greener ,while making all hearts on Earth sing and dance ,infuse new freshness/hope as hot breeze halted and cool air starts flowing from all directions.
The rains are to be experienced on some another level of intimacy and intensity away from high rise buildings ,in large open court yard at least. 
During rains interaction between Earth and space increases /blooms and surrounding turns more receptive and alive with profound and intimate embrace with rest of surrounding.
It is more so time of Heightened Natural Receptivity ,with devolving of cosmic grace all around.
The cycle were there earlier also,but now  is huge cry about vitiating the cycle,but no data available for long enough old civilization showing the cycles,earlier also severe droughts were there without warming of weather and new cycles emerged,the rains are doing there job,the more heat than the sea burns more and may presume to provide more impetus to the rains,the cold era with dense surrounding might increase the realization from the clouds  containing lot but not oblige the needy and return with their stock to the place of their origin.

The rains are not containing the simple water,much more than distilled   water ,these drops have such a smell  with the touch of ground and added with the black cast they bring with them all the animal/environment  go on dancing.
The rains tries to balance water that human suck out from  soil.the blessing that all all part of Earth become so lively .

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