The radiance

The radiance which is pleasing and attracting can lead the moth to be prisoner in dark cell,the radiance of some may be gift of nature plus the deep inner never evaporating radiance adds to the outer radiance to magnify its influence.the radiance comming from the morning sun,when the sky is clean and awaken after sound beets than the impact it at peeks which would last till its normal duration and beyond it if stored and preserved in right refrigrator.
the deceptor appears to have mastered the art of radiance,the higher the poewer ,the more easy to trap the prey
the radiance of some had been made sacred as if to satisfy their deep inner quest to be worshipped and be treated as if beyond challenge,by their living fellow colleages and future generations.
the decepton lies in the radiance ,the radiance of face ,the radiance of body,the radiance of words ,the radiance of appearance ,the overall impacted radiance which leads others to believe that their all MIRAGES would be fulfilledby following the true radiant one.
the art of rising abve self and general as if achieved something which other could hardly dream of ,-as if perfected the art of pretending ones standing above ground.
the radiance of nature-air,flower,hills which reflect in AMBIENCE  as if all want to immerse in it and store in one permanently

the radiance is the inner quality which gives one leverage to damage others with impunity,and it keeps on moving impacting different elements ,
the radiance of some has enlightened so large a populace that they are yet not get over by that radiance seen by their forefathers and keep on preserving as if one of the ultimate radiance once was there ,which emerged for specific purpose stored in specific things for us for posterity and to feel how lucky we are ,and lucky will be our posterity.

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