Products and brand.

Products are of generic nature,when they are given distinct identity ,they becomes branded products,a brand tends to convey many meanings .
Everything that is mfg /grown and consumed /sold is a product,but when an aura is added to a product to get it differentiated from other products ,it catapults into category of brand. 
A brand is a value proposition ,a commitment and endorsement of its quality ,a promise of unique and individual experience ,satisfaction.
A brand usually apart from satisfying its primary needs also cater to intangible secondary needs ,further adding varios features to a product to address different requirement of consumers .
A brand carries a assurance to consumer about its ingredients/contents and security,desirability ,suitability of its use to derive what is intended from it. No hidden nor added attachment with ulterior motives ,a genuine proposition to benefit all stakeholders and to enhance well being of consumer.
In order tro convert a product into brand ,a huge investment /promotion is required ,a team,a theme is built on niche/mass segments with expertise into advertising ,sales promotion ,packing,servicing,pricing etc.
It endeavor to create a family of its users ,lured,attached to particular theme,aspiration to lead life in a style,then its constant effort to re-invent and re-focus and incorporate changes in styles,feeling,substance etc. 
Brand building engage customer emotionally into the brand promise.In the process ,it lifts the relationship much higher from a transaction of  purchase to an emotional bonding.
The brand building by the use of VIDEOS is gaining popularity as they are not intrusive,worldwide intrusive advertising is losing its sheen,the user treats the clutter of advertisements  as intrusive.and ignore them,so while millions of impressions are getting created on a page ,the user may not feel the brand impact.
The invention of the new product and branding them is one of the prime business/economic activity in these days,we need to introduce more brands with unique specifications  ,in that case it becomes to know how the consumer satisfaction is being advanced.<!– amazon_ad_tag = “devendrapokha-20”; amazon_ad_width = “728”; amazon_ad_height = “90”;//
VIDEOS can help in delivering complex information where  information seeking is integral part of consumer behavior,the videos drives brand associations and brand impressions along a desired the customer empower to choose ,real marketing begins now,brand building can no longer be facilitated through large ad spend alone.
Behavior influencing content emerging out of a complex mix of real consumer insights,powerful imaginations and intelligent technology will be the key to brand building.

A product ,when it is branded it carries the goodwill of people behind that launch, its the premium of their reliability .
When a product is branded ,then it becomes more than a product ,it is marketing,advertising,packaging ,styling,campaigning ,promotion,communication ,digital interaction ,after sales service,feedback analysis etc cause to build a azure        of its goodwill ,worth and successful strategies.
goodwill .
Product on becoming brand is supposed to acquire an image conceived but may acquire many positive/negative unique identifications ,which might not had been contemplated .
Brand rouses aspirations,generates allusions/delusions of its compatibility,brand compel customer to pick up particular product   out of number of similar products at premium and grants satisfaction of consumption.
As a brand laps/get entangled with a product,it glows/glean with magical touch of brand and becomes overnight important/worth while.
Brands creates differentials among more so similar type of products ,in today’s world of perfection ,differentiation,slight nuances could be grasped to be explored for enhancing wealth of all stakeholders and enhancing satisfaction of customer. 
Brand enhance power of product ,a flavor,style,ingredients,team behind etc need to have distinct identity of brand to gain continuity. 
Human needs are varied and at higher levels needs gain invisible/strange /unconscious/ethereal etc dimensions which cant be satisfied by products ,but brand ventures to add superfluous ,mysterious,unseen,unnoticed ,divine,supernatural elements which fits various types of needs of human not merely available in products.
Man wants to be associated with significance ,be it official,personnel,social or petty matters /things of day to day life ,brand generate/attach significance with product,sometimes that significance is all that’s important ,useful,satisfying giving a privileged  status among peer  to celebrate ,and enhance enjoyment.
Brand generates satisfaction in customers mind ,which otherwise had been elusive and value of stakeholders enhanced ,management guys proved their worth in expanding economy and satisfying,causing,providing,spreading happiness to masses.


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