The mad rush.

The high performance is dreamed by all and want to be star performer,but can all go in that direction and achieve the status of being high performer.

The cost associated with the mad rush and just trying to be what one is not leads to pain inner,
whatever is built has to be nourished by next generation as one has to leave the pleasant world built by him by achieving the status of high performer.
Despite so much glitter in cities ,there is huge gloom in the inner self of the residents,one talk uninterruptedly the whole energy is lost .
the deriving of meaning to all happening ,things has lead to many invention at the same time drawing meaning has caused all the trouble human is facing as individual /nation fear other and draw meaning than other draw more meaning and endless chain goes on.
Each of one need to identify and store own precious moments,a spot of sunshine to look forward every day,-that one thing that make the day worth living,there is often a collision between what the heart desire and what the mind know is right ,rather than going toward mad rush one need to sit and devise alternatives-one need to learn to give up something,even may be small,the calculating the direction one need to explore,with right perspective and right knowledge.,each of us may be having many drawbacks,and properly understanding the weakness helps in controlling the negative impacts.

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