Belonging and alienation.

The source of life is visible yet invisible,one could not alter habitual instincts,we get caught in patterns and end up unfulfilled.we are here ,and for the initial part we are at the mercy of the environment prevailing around,one is always at mercy of some unforeseen events that unfold at their whims,but initially human after being born are more at the mercy of environment and major belonging generate during this phase,the toys,the chocolates ,the nature and the surrounding people have more profound impact on the unconscious during this age.

And the alienation also starts from this age ,it is true that at this age one have no  choices apart from living in the surrounding provided but latent hate generates and which cause a lot of alienation in later age.
One want to be better than the other and in the process becomes bitter,this creates divisions and division leads to conflicts ,nations have divided themselves and in fear try to protect themselves,the urge to be secure sometimes creates more insecurity and chaos.
There is nothing/hardly tangible  substances in creating the feeling of belonging etc-the one is mere bundle of thoughts reflected at particular moment governed by deeply penetrated one ,thought is an expression of memory,further thought is conditioned by conclusions,dogmas
the relationship claimed is merely sometimes attachments,self love,one expects return,make demands and impose restrictions ultimately the alienation gets more profound is better to assess the people around ,understand them for what they are,the unreasonableness to evaporate =if one want to belong and avoid alienation one must address ones most intense dislikes,it may help to identify with larger community ,it expand the belonging and reduce the diversion,the friction in existing relationship may reduce.
One want to belong to all which is nice and appeal to his inner sense,but sometimes the other to whom one wants to belong does not give consent or sometimes the price of belonging is too high to be bored  . to belong passively to anything could be a better option here nothing is the cost in monetary terms ,and if one can monitor the passive following and direct and redirect intelligently than minor hazards associated with it could be avoided.<!– amazon_ad_tag = “devendrapokha-20”; amazon_ad_width = “728”; amazon_ad_height = “90”;//
The mature world is not child game ,toys become real equipment of impact and cost ,fights no more remain childish,as self awareness and self sustainable with grown up mind creates alienation.
Providing belonging has become big business,cults are formed,groups are formed ,various experiences are promised,a particular common feelings,beliefs,impacted are pushed to make it real.
Society now a days losing its basic glue of unity,mutual institutions of interactions/belongings causing a new generation of alienated being immersed in virtual world,where slight motivated/emotional interaction can cause big turmoil.



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