The viruses of mass change.

The globe is gradually being connected  instantly that may make flow of waves equally possible in all directions,yet many impediments strong enough ,appears to be consolidating in view of threat to them.
To ensure equal human impact of means of changes carrying their enigmatic meaning and decoding its meaning to masses need conducive foundation and base.
Education and equal opportunities,equal law around globe can cause to form basic ground,which along with understanding rationality,durability along with decoding of stability in habitation and elements governing it ,organic and inorganic can be boosting that cherished mass change ,where globe may be near reality to heaven,come closer to become real.
Ultimately ground may be leveled across all spheres,impact from one corner may spread in other direction,positive or negative in pathway/ highway,that need to be preempted  to turn it to desired destination of creating sustainable,inclusive ,pervasive,integrating changes.
Pure intentions may spread like pleasant rains in all minds across globe and kindle hope of sustainable garden of green surrounding  all ,leading to mass awakening.
Life is short,therefore persons/characters goes on changing and all could not become tuned in common concerns,a documentary of few hours depicting projected scenario of short existence could be got permeated in growing child hood that may impel one to steer in another direction aligning to innovative inquisitive directions.
To overcome drawback being faced by human societies,it need to be addressed simultaneously in all directions,otherwise desired impact and uniform change for betterment of all on common,just foundation may not emerge.
The awakening in all three stages of consciousness -waking, dreaming and deep sleep will spread the spirit where change is constant ,as the world is a stage ,all are merely players,have their exits and enter but the mark one create may be somewhat independent,it need vision and will to flow against tide,to see the finer points.
The survival instinct is one of the biggest motivator forcing change at least individually and combined ,the fuel propel all cars to move but does not determine their performance ,the electricity is same in all gadgets but is not responsible for its manifestation,the line is same, the meanings are many.
The universe is controlled by such fast and easy software,and its unlimited going on expansion is also being looked with amaze  ,the humans has caught this concept of expansion and to better their evolving , invented the communication of jet speed,which allows to generate as much views as possible,as much debate as possible ,a time may come when the synthesis may emerge and change in a direction for most may smoothed,  appears nice to hear that the scientist with their human ingenuity are able to disclose new secrets of nature and by that invention’s humanity is provided with technology which assist it in making newer gadgets for the comfort,for the entertainment of man and simultaneously sometimes it is apprehended about the misuse .

The newer viruses are being invented ,but here comes a question that why cant such viruses could be invented and sent in all direction which make the thinking and understanding of humans in genuine way and all the clashes are removed and which pave the way for development of the humanity at Earth 

The inventions which were path breaking like electricity,the wheel,the telephone etc were thought of causing mass change,to an extent they have caused change,yet the mass change with speed and in all direction has not been there,the invention in leadership and rising above narrow concerns,and a will of controlling one/self may scientifically identify the concerns and impediments in the path of mass change and make it feasible.

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