The man not a social animal

The man cant survive in isolation ,he needs association and co-existence of fellow being thereby forms various formats ,structures,layers of associations represented by various boundaries of common interest ,commonalities,proximity ,technology,innovation etc.
The man is social yet animal appears to be paradoxical ,it sounds human live socially yet acts whenever opportunity arise in their basic instinct of animal ,a refined version of animal which lives socially in societies.
The primitive growth in society may be/has been driven by due and undue adventures,but after attaining of maturity in process of development ,the natural societies are to be emerged ,where instinct of humanity will prevail.
Here it may sound that animals are unduly being blamed ,whereas they may much more dominated by their basic instincts ,much leverage/flexibility not appeared to be in their domain and their hierarchies are real ,not artificially drawn as in case of human being.
Even before the virtual world was invented,man used to perfected in art of living in illusory virtual multiple world created at whims,its needs are much more un-understandable and varied ,it does not form a straight path as in case of other being.
The definition which from very long time has been considered as final and conclusive ,may need review in the time to come,when the true humanity would unfold.
The real face of humanity would unfold in the time to come,the history of humanity is very shallow as mostly it contain the period of when human in a year hardly move above few kilometers.
In the time to come the man would be called the animal of gadgets as he would be only be devoted to gadgets as he will like and even may only like to have relations with modern gadgets and nothing else,he will work with gadgets,he will enjoy with gadgets his  intellectual needs would be fulfilled by gadgets,he will be under the influence of thoughts flowing from any corner provided to suit him.
The company of dirt/confusion may not be liked and he may be alone in the search of true meaning and on the path of uninterrupted enjoyments.
society definition would change ,it would be virtual society where his intellect needs are met and his taste need and his expression and possessing need would be met by doing exercise and fighting war on world wide net which has made globe a village.

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