The data analytic..

In the digital age ,there are strings of footprints left behind by every one of us,and the marriage of mathematics and business knowledge has created the discipline of predictive analysis,,the potential of big data lies in the kind of insight it can offer businesses and the kind of question it can help answer,it has created new opportunities for future oriented analysis of data leading to actionable insight,and typically there are three steps in data mining and interpretations-first recognizing what is happening,analyzing how and why it is happening,lastly leveraging the information,the more consumer concentric  is business ,the more one can use consumer data for decision making,,several decision can be bettered like-store layout and ,buying decision,merchandising decision,property selection,pricing decision,sales mix etc.a company which is making exponential growth,having competitive edge over competitors ,innovation at every level and effective leadership ,such golden companies /growing companies becomes a golden one when it is not only moving on the financial front but also equally giving weight age to its expansion plan,innovation,penetration in rural markets and is creating huge employment 
opportunities while making a real difference to world by its contribution .
A golden organisation view the future with optimism and make all efforts to meet expectations ,golden companies creates awareness and credibility as the opportunities are limitless,and tries to focus on external customers and internal ones, 
The challenge lies in efficient use of large complex data,finding meaningful relationship,analysing and creating useful and applicable/actionable business intelligence,and as data grows it is critical for business to be able to slice the data create useful information,the one to one relationship which has its importance is helped in fulfilling by data analysis,by offering him relevant options/scheme/facilities.
predictive models and real time analytic  are resorted with use of business models to evolve strategy,the customer individuals entire profile could be understood -when eats/travels/other consumption to offer him better individualized services ,armed with this insight ,the chains hope to create personalized offer and experiences,the IN STORE Experiences much relevant apart from all data ‘s,
A corollary benefit of data analytics is exploring the possibility of generating an alternative revenue stream ,
The analytic is capable of processing vast quantities of structured and unstructured data to provide unprecedented visibility and insight to business users .
Such company deliver  tailor made solution consistently and stay with their clients through their different life stages guiding through their challenges in achieving their goals.

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