Quality versus quantity conundrum.

A thing of relevance/substance with relevant/tested ingredients /features is the basic theme on which a product is launched to get its share in market place.
The quality is sum total of all ingredients ,structures systems of its formation /delivering/monitoring /handling /servicing process etc because the quality is a compact concept and it permeates in mind of consumer as a total phenomenon associated with product or services.Therefore quantity could be gained and sustained only through inherent and surrounding quality.
It is quality that matters in long run ,without which quantity could not be sustained ,quality makes a brand and its premium pricing sustainable ,here quality may have many dimensions ,among first is product quality further equally relevant qualities are -its branding,its sales promotion ,its advertisement ,quality and goodwill of organisation and public perception of whole.
Stable and long lasting organisations are built upon their quality products and services ,which is made possible through vision of their quality management and structures.
The volumes are equally relevant when the quality of product is established, automatically generates quantity,sales rises,production  and consumption grows and revenue and profits becomes pronounced.
In today’s economy services command major share of G.D.P the quality of services enhances consumer satisfaction of paramount importance, here the premise of quality is based on work ethics and congenial handling ,the trust is to be gained and sustained and significance to be proved without any question /doubt.
The question sometime arises about quality or quantity ,while evaluating performances,one is often struck by generic quality v/s quantity dilemma ,is LESS MORE or DOES MORE surpass the assumed performance,
generally it is quality and quantity ,both are important with speed being the essence,now the erstwhile assumption has been challenged that success is primarily brought upon by the top-management,instead it is optimum organisational culture where the management and staff are equally liable for success and failures and combine their efforts to achieve the best.

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