Employees have become the fulcrum of of the business turf,and to assert the role of employees a new term of employee-ship has been coined .
Employee also regarded as corporate citizen ,as the success of a business venture was not only solely reliant on great leadership but also by a level of unparalleled investment made by employees in term of responsibility,loyalty,commitment and initiative.
Organisation today seek to develop a culture of ownership and responsibility wants to mobilize the energies of employees to create consistent success ,so that to create a system that enables the employees to bring their HEART to work such eco-system is the need of organisation now a days,which wish to expand need fully committed  employees.
The most important is that an employee’s should understand the vision of the organisation ,therefore employee ship in simple term is about creating an atmosphere that urges individual to develop through their work and synergies with other to accomplish greater goals jointly than individually .
Employee loyalty,commitment and responsibility are key factor,loyal employees become the brand ambassador of company,loyalty is not only associated with tenure of the employee ,but how an employee speaks and feel about the company,
employees with high commitment will not only achieve their targets ,but also usually go that extra distance to achieve the desired  results,responsibility is knowing and doing exactly what is expected without being asked or explicitly told.
Employees are no more mere restricted to their duty charts and old ways of evaluation,now they are termed as partners in handling of business,watching interest of organisation ,taking due decisions,convincing,initiative and communicating  with all channels to provide their inputs and feedback to going in organisation.
Ownership and management are today in different hands ,and its employees who are custodian to watch and enhance interest of all stakeholders.
A sense of involvement with purpose and existence of organisation with actively being involved in in its core values/theme,so that cohesive team spirit develops and leaders gets support ,co operation ,to move ahead with all stake holders in fulfilling objectives of organisation.

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