Challenges in market/business.

Present dynamic environment demands that human capital becomes more productive and efficient with diversity of thoughts,it will become necessary to build more robust employee engagement program  .
Corp orates had increase their investments in s killing employees to improve capabilities to tackle  widening talent gap ,which may be bridged by getting newer concepts more comprehensively implemented.
Today h.r is making contribution to bottom line through expence reduction ,talent management etc.the h.r will no longer be just about hiring and retaining ,but will be more focused toward the growth of business ,increasing the performance of employees.
 The structured rotation of employees at work is to be implemented in true spirit,it will give employees an opportunity to meet new set of people and tackle challenges,which could be very different in nature and will also provide opportunity to employees to learn to establish in new environment.this brings freshness of thoughts for organisation too.
Structural rotation enhances appreciation for fellow coworkers as well as helps in identifying and understanding the nuances of different culture which augment tolerance for diverse behavior and cultures.and further change of role, forces one to think differently and keep the cognitive ability agile/
One has to inculcate the habit of being lifetime learner more aggressively,as high achiever learns from every experience not merely from formal learning opportunities therefore all need to share what they have learned..the negative feedback can show that one is moving away from his intended goals-it provides a positive approach to review /evaluate oneself and make corrections and maintain a positive focus in life and concentrate on success ,one has to learn unlearn and relearn several things to go beyond a narrow focused mentality….
In a rapidly growing global business today peoples are working different time zones,speaking many languages ,own set of cultural orientation not sufficient,one to gasp all regional skill /and try to grow shared values with sustainability  ,may be has to ensure general cohesion ,for which understanding of all tangible/intangible and niceties and hindrances are to be understood properly.
One need to also keep in mind that if changes management is challenging than transformation could be more challenging and for organisational transformation we need that people/employee/consumer also aligns-
Transformation core elements–
1.value comes from organisation innate desire to create and differentiate’s environment of competition,changing customer needs,and there should be desire to be first with latest product.
3.organization need to transform and individual willingness to transformed be aligned.
4.change in mindset to efficiently face the business/organisational challenges.
To innovate persistently and delivering  value to all stakeholders is essential to sustain.
Transforming organization calls for robust will power of management to understand issues plaguing,changes required,mindset of employees,culture of organization to be aligned  suitably,disruption in present going is to be avoided to make  changes constantly smooth and establishing of a ever upgrading systems. 

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