Business case study.

The case study has been considered utmost important in business schools,the students are given facts of real or imaginary case and asked to find solution.
What lies in most effective participation in case study-it is the factors,the real factors that one need to identify with his intelligence to take corrective action in the case ,and build up a viable theory to fight back and get the task of organisation be performed most successfully.
The solution lies in studying the cause-it is human factor,lack of training,lack of supervision,lack of motivation or lack of co-ordination which is the root of the cause or there is some technological factor which need to be looked in detail.
the condition/dynamics of market might have changed compared to the orignal plan ,the government policies might have been modified,that all need to be kept in mind while solving the case.
The change now a days is to fast and competition is too hot,the competitive/ad/promotion policy of rival which may have imaginitive element might have contributed our organization product look like somewhat obsolete,so it is a complex issue,which need to be tackled with eyes open and the right intuition identifying the cause of problem and than remedy there-off.

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