The desired sacrifices in obsession.

One finds compelled to do  anything for the obsessed object and be ready to anything possible or not is not of much consideration ,most obsessions are like that .
from what one see that heart starts to feel like a overcrowded life boat, one throw ones PRIDE out to keep it afloat and also become ready to throw out ones self respect and independence,to not let the boat sink and let the obsession remain sailing.
after even above sacrifices the boat of obsession again starts sinking then one start to throw peoples out of his boat-to become secluded out with the obsessed one,and yet one feel the boat is yet sinking than either some other abstraction set in one mind to start mixing some polluted item with pure obsession to make it some bearable and even it not survive the damage is limited,but the other course is tough with no road ,as now nothing/what is left to throw out and yet the boat is sinking than start sinking gradually with.
Obsession takes the form of compulsion,without it ,the realities appears too stinging to bear,to remain obsessed to a cause which can engulf one in its fold with obsessive comfort.
 No other aspects enters in,nothing gets out from inside ,all is stuck at first instances,which caused so open entry ,the barren terrain of inside found something that can fill emptiness ,appeared that it was for which one was searching for so long to get meaning /enlightening surrounding darkness ,sacred candles of multi color making/resembling/fragrant faces  of divine appearance causing all to move in unique rhythm.
That only that can have that effect that one was yearning  for so long in this life /that life earlier existence and it was destined for union ,to incarnate for fulfilling the tiny vacuum of two/ some selves. 
The sacrifice of material not much worth in comparison to higher gilt ,cutting away from real self ,surrounding and other irritant and pursue something which may be beyond logic /questioning/contemplation.
To get pass routine of Earthy affairs of daily necessity and satisfying/tolerating fools ,who don’t have slightest capabilities to judge /understand glow of immanence prevailing.
One tend to lose much ,self gets disturbed /absorbed with reality which in reality may not be there,can cause illusions of finer dimensions ,sometimes not landing safe enough to avoid impact of surface in consonant with other surfaces.
Sacrifices are to be made for own delinquencies committed ,now turned into higher pedestal of purpose ,more so not easy to get others understand  ,the linen gets brighter with engulfing of passionate passion of peculiarities peculiar to one.

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