The grooming-up.

Some lead happy life irrespective of circumstances -many drift toward experiencing incompleteness ,sadness and anxieties .
The grooming up of self through childhood or later on,but getting the compelling vision to check  growth taken place so far and modify the same suitably is more desirable and has genesis in grooming up.
Some have more inclined to take everything personally,one may be too quick to judge successes and failure,compliments and critiques and host them on self,it is not like that to question why it is happening ,it need to hold that it is law of nature and acknowledging that life is unfolding as it need to and that every change in our circumstances is not a reflection of us,and nothing is happening uniquely to us,we are all subject to various uncertainties and circumstances,multiple/various forces are operating and result is combination of factors,luck time  etc.
Proper grooming up  allow one to not let troubling issues overflow into family life,/time,we need to isolate a happening from rest of our daily life,and understand that thought has the habit of amplifying, the regrets of the past and fears about the future,,nothing is permanent it is four seasons that make the year,usually when one read the various stories one find that those who have experienced life in its most crude and cruel form has risen more and developed better understanding and been more success .
Now it is difficult to comment upon the real worth of this arguments,but one can say that it is sometime that one is in market for long and yet  cant make mark in market and another one  have better idea of market,but the capacity to take risk and survival instinct may differ and make the difference.
The wise do not grieve for either the living or dead,,,the cause of misery may not be in out ,like in blaming spouse,kids,govt,weather.the lucky one are groomed to take the mettle ,the institution in modern times starts grooming from school,the material available is large and but what can catch the instinct ,which allow rest to hide in shadow,the social scientist are analyzing and finding the better ways and the required blockade,but the importance of grooming is relevant,the next generation may decide the fate of earth,it is not in isolation but the impact may be critical.
The human isolation,solitary confinement and giving up all other issues of significance arises due to less tolerance and not understanding things in entirety .
The early education,schooling is very important in shaping a man ,that could develop broad mind ,analytical approach and have perfect understanding of relationship and its nuances.
If a man, when child or to say from start of life lives as uprooted and unattached to nature ,environment,surrounding and seek pleasure in grabbing items of sensual appeasement ,the direction is lost and may not lead to forming in resilient society ,which could check disgruntled forces in various parts but may add in their cause despite having grown in open societies.
One who is deeply unsatisfied with ones being in particular shape ,pattern,tendencies goes in any extent to seek some relevant soothing or gives up to some inducements .

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