New year resolution.

One make resolution at the beginning of each year,at the same time review the performance of the year passed and the follow up of the resolution made at the beginning  of last year.
The resolution made by individual are varied-ranging from one extreme to other,which may be a very wide choice,some hard choices are thought to be made but they are not easy to implement as some slight inducements make them to break for each day and the net result turn out to get down from the path chosen and even add more dust .
Some landmarks are needed ,some measurement,some closure,some beginning,some review etc all are essential ingredient in individual struggle of life,confidence,faith,resolution are required to initiate a major shifting in controlled directions,circumstances are there but individual is ultimate authority for ones better being.
Each new years opens up new opportunities ,hope ,it give a event to ponder individuals,family,society etc about their pursued course,weaknesses,troubles,threats,new strategy etc is built keeping in view reality prevalent.
Resolutions with determination to follow,constantly pursuing them ,to not get sway in distraction or to remain on right track can make resolution accomplished.
One need to resolve to tackle issues that are impacting ones well being,effecting quality of life,real issues need to be identified and long prevalence make/cause difficulty,yet with wisdom,monitoring,review and control can get the path achieved.
All years are equal in journey of one,but one has uphill task to ensure safe,secure,comfortable passing /completion of ones journey.That cause need of newer milestones to celebrate ,begin with consistency despite not to congenial environment,till ones own thoughts/temper and determination is cool and on mark,rest starts to lose its importance.
The tendency to get lured in each/every /pity inducement leaves man nowhere,all is lost in whirlpool,where all roads appears block.
The net resolution in modern life is made by its style only-that is business,multiple tasking which does not allow human to think much  .

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