The wonders.

The world/life is wonderful and at each step ,wonders are apparent,the contrast and availability of multi-dimensional opposites of each thing/word in dictionary causing exploration of wonders,when there is good-why there also to be bad,thereby generating biggest wonders.
-The thing happening which is not common.
-The thing happening which is exceptional not easily believable.
-The things/happening which are much beyond regular events.
-The things/happenings which do not have much precedents available..
-The happening of things that’s considered not possible/happens.
-A feeling caused by seeing something beautiful,amazing ,surprising.awesome,marvel,strange ,miracles .
-An extra-ordinary or remarkable act of achievement.
-An happening inexplicable by natural laws. 
– To be filled with curiosity or doubt.
-Become so amazed that start thinking wildly and speculating curiously.
-A feeling of amazement ,admiration ,astonishment caused by something beautiful,remarkable or unfamiliar.
The human race has progressed by adventure ,it was at some point of time considered impossible to cross sea,to fly machine,to talk and interact face to face with anybody across globe ,if primitive man today comes on Earth ,his position may be like that of ALICE IN WONDERLAND.
There are seven wonders in world which has been listed by humans,but the bigger surprise is that we human  face bigger wonders which are experienced by all ,more or less,despite it we do not feel free to discuss it and include the same in the list of real wonders.
for ex…we all feel regularly by heart that we should abandon this particular path and go for another path yet majority of time we fail to remember it,implement it.
We know very well sometime that sticking to some moments could be very dangerous,yet we stick with them,nourish them and make those moment our guiding spirit of ourselves-the wonder why one should be immersed in ..
Another wonder may be that knowing what is true but we may shut eye from it,  we  easily cling to deceit,lie if same is desired of  us.
 One is body,soul and more and saints ask to separate mind from heart as two are different and control the two internal things with the help of each other with awakened self .that’s a wonder that ones self is influenced by so many factors that the self to manifest is the big task to achieve and the vast humanity is involved in it.
The wonder is that what one see has hidden meaning the hidden wonder,to ponder on them,may all wonder manifest and remove their shell of misery/mystery to enable ordinary one to be better off.
The wonders are not absolute ,they are subjected to time and individual dimensions,what is normal today could not be perceived in past as feasible and in future may arouse wonder on such petty understanding further it also depend upon man to man , a man of higher horizon/knowledge,experience etc may not see many things as wonder whereas they may be wonders for other humans.

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