The choices.

One has to make choice at all time in life,even every day ,every moment we are faced with uphill task of making choices.
A choice need to be made every moment,the choices need to be made with enthusiasm and keeping the interest and necessity.Choices are available to all but few are able to make it rationally .
Some choices impact much ,as their consequences may be huge,but it is necessary to remember that it is the small choices made every moment are more significant in the sense as they shape the mentality,the thought process,..which come to our rescue while making bigger choices and it increase the chances of better choices .
We need to make a choice of energy,positive energy helps in all matters as the choices are usually overlapping and it is chain of choices which may yield a broader result in ones life,and in chain of choices one may get more than solitary chance to do something which please his inner self.
The choices are preceded by intentions when one have knowledge of what one want to accomplish,as ones choices  reflect the deeper desire,as there is much beyond ones mind that abide in silence that get manifest in our choices.
Choices and decision may vary but our choices may not be our decision because many other aspect are to be taken care off,but decision is also choices among many alternatives.
the choices ,at least some of it may have profound impact,as we tread a path some path leaves heap of memory ,it not known what may unfold.
we choose not to rebel ,like there is a wilder ,more dynamic ,adventurous and more spirited being trapped within one,waiting to take wings but held by many consideration -but the circumstances are not to be blame fully whether to give up to the pulls of circumstance or not is a conscious choice one made,we blame circumstance,situation,lack of opportunities,social compulsion but it is our choice to decide.the easy path is followed by staying confined to perceived responsibilities
the life depends upon the choices made by multitasking and making things complicated and being too busy one may tend to lose the core of his effort and rhythm  of life and a choice to slow down to make thing reveal and get the enjoyment and getting more closer to self may be other choice. and the limitation that society and circumstances impose yet the other person within us get frustrated ,chaffing against the confines,get submerge and losing the identity.

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