The corruption.

The corruption is a term which has a relative meaning to one,what one society may view as corruption other society may not view as corruption but consider as individual freedom to explore.

In a country which has been divided throughout its history in many many small parts and society has remained divided in different classes 
then all favoritism and nepotism are not considered much corruption  as if that particular society is formed for ones family alone.
Until the feeling is not pervasive that with development of society all would be benefited ,but many consider shorter path .
The corruption impedes the growth,if the rupee spent reach the targeted one then the result are there,the inefficiency is also a form of corruption,the inpenetrated efforts,the multiple schemes catering to same cause and creating different infrastructure for implementing them is also a corruption in which the participants are large,in democracy when the decisive vote is not given and the voices and concern raised at the corner of streets take the center stage ,then no intelligence required in planning or implementing,the race begin that all raise their to participate in corruption,the size of the cake is not a concern as if it is a static thing.
The weakness in one to understand the real issues ,and to ignore the few voices of sanity is also a corruption,in the vast part of globe the crowd at street is growing large day by day,and the feared changes in global atmosphere is threatening the persons in mansion ,the common man is at the mercy of the moments.
The solution to many issues could be at once,but they are prolonged in garb of due systems,the controlling authority of globe is not known ,to exercise the power,not skewed for entertainment of some may also help in eradicating corruption.
Until nationality becomes biggest issue and rule of law is ensured by awakening and deterrence it couldn’t be tackled perfectly,further better systems and severe punishment in real times may help.
Its most brutal impact is visible in poor countries where poverty is perpetuated by corruption,resources are low ,each and every rupee spend need its impact visible for speeder development,further when it becomes systematized than system seems to become operating to benefit few . 

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