Unlearn and learn.

Learning and unlearning takes place throughout life,but if conscious element is not present  to monitor it ,steer in right direction ,then it may be devastating.
Organisations make large investment in training and inculcating new sets of skills in employees,past irrelevant culture is to be unlearned,newer technologies,concept are to be learned.
Human carries/gathers a large baggage of garbage while growing,human is impacted by all happening in his surrounding,childhood gets stored deep in unconsciousness ,further many traits from family,friends,school,media etc gets stuck,human while in its endeavor of cherished survival gets hurt regularly without understanding ,nothing is absolute and subtle hurt impacts deep unconsciously lead to formations of ones opinion/concepts/approach.
Further human at arrival on Earth need to learn many things to make hie life worthy  and satisfying  ,learning not easy as one feel easy in floating in ones tendencies and comfort of uncomfortable going 
We are made to learn many things since our birth and it is no fault of one to learn such things from surrounding and endorsed  them which could be/have been most critically useful to one at that point of age.
The unlearning is not an easy task ,it is mostly added when one live in a society which encourages questions, but where asking questions is banned there unlearning provide no incentive ,rather one is motivated to not to question anything which is prevalent for long nor to go for its rationale .
In strict sense nothing is unlearned it is modified suitably and to be seen in right context,that’s all .
seeing the thing in right perspective is possible in societies where science has a dominant position and innovation are encouraged and where it is taught that all that can be visualized in this world has been done by your forefathers and you are to perpetuate it only ,then the most difficult phase for some may be there.
The changes are abrupt,the theories are changing so is technology,therefore in present times one need skills to cope with changes,now one is in life span can see far reaching changes,the village turn into mega city ,the culture changing rapidly tending to adjust the changes.
To survive one need to adapt the latest and unlearn wrong psychology and concept.
The world,the universe is ever expanding,nothing is static,the changes in relationship,the changes in self as graying and saturating the process of learn and unlearn is always there.
We had relied on our trusted allies for long ,the trust which was all there ,now discovers that the foundation of trust was based on wrong concept ,to learn new chapter  relevant,the all profession are changing rapidly ,new concepts are evolved to survive in competitive world ,one need to learn and unlearn.
The dominance and monopoly enjoyed for long bit ,at some times due to own fault or the aggression of other the things changes and severe setback starts haunting ,than need to learn to tackle, to face off becomes reality and growing clout of others may need to recognized.
We learn tp eat,enjoy but with age or biological cause or crossing prudent limits make one to learn restraint.

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