The patience.

To understand that things /issues fully and not to get swayed in a momentary emotion /provocations to inflict self damage ,one need patience to patiently tolerate incitement of any form and understand all aspects neither block emergence of multiple aspects.
Not to lose temper and remain quiet,steady with perseverance ,neglecting irritations and having ability to wait/endure without getting riled,loss of patience inflict/attracts more harm. 
Delay,problem,suffering ,mis understanding ,problem make anxious/annoyed ,yet remain steady in all circumstances is only way of greatness ,minimizing harm and to get things right.
The ability of doing something continuously for a long time without losing interest ,amidst difficulty is core value to success.
The world is too complex ,intent and behavior becomes two different things ,the intent of parent/child may be good but ways interact,faulty composure,countenance etc creates disastrous actions and reactions despite all good intent.
To get understand,to make understand and emerge out of chaos,create congenial environment a lot of patience required ,as if good intent/action etc many times reflect slowly ,the predilection/biases ,heresy and faulty interpretation leads to misunderstanding ,conflicts and resultant negative results.
 The path to success,happiness traverse through jungle of patience and lack of it spoils winning chances despite strong footing,with patience when can win losing game ,it is known that slow and steady wins race ,journey has its ups and down and destination distant station,which could be reached in good shape only by adhering to patience.
To achieve desirable in adversities or to mitigate wrong conceptions /misunderstanding ,foul play of adversaries/friends,patience is required to repulse them.
The human  to lead a life and develop suitable adapt abilities and give meaning to a  life of which no beginning or end is known need wishful thinking /contemplation,will and endurance etc.
The patience is most wonderful thing,a person having it in abundance has around cent percent chance of not being horrified and disturbed by events and turns and happening of life,
its the hurry that is fatal ,usually we do not wait to let thing unfold fully and draw meaning rush for counter action and are gripped by tension,stress and panic.
If we could have patience to examine in silence issues  and have the patience on concentrating on that issue ,much need not to  be bothered in life.
The mad race is hurting ,the human sphere is expanding so rapidly and the life has become too busy,now in some quarters the talk of going  de stressing/slow is heard,it ask individual to own his existence,the aim is said to be to find the right pace for each part of our daily routine.the impatience to life and issues that sprung up make parent and children apart and children suffers as ONE CAN’T HURRY UP RELATIONSHIP,the children need tranquil growth -it is in the moment of quiet,of unstructured time ,of boredom even,that kid learn how to look into themselves,how to think to be creative.
it is being said that patience is new fast ,

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