The gimmick.

We in our life see the charismatic people at all levels,small or big and in all walk of life and sometime it appears that people has created a shell over themselves.
Ordinary people,politicians,businessman etc all use gimmick to create their aura of influence, politicians may be promising all things and launching schemes and giving slogans and divert the attention of nation by identifying a bigger evil and starting crusade ,it is to influence their constituencies .and it may not be perceived by public the ultimate result of these gimmick would be very much counterproductive.and could be for the immense harm of larger populace.
common man become bores and sometime finds that nobody listen to him,then he steps to pursue some gimmicks which make him hear able and the senior or sub-ordinates all start to view him with interest,all have come across people in their life who are proficient in giving lecture, cracking jokes,telling stories and good humor prompt reply etc ,but here also the excess may be somewhat of no use as it tends to hide reality and divert attention from serious issues.
The marketing people with the intent to promote their product ,and to get their product gain attention uses gimmicks of all sort,they may claim all sort of benefits like health,prestige,personalities,unique self identity etc.
For staying afloat all in life tends to use gimmick spread stories to make the thing impact slowly and to control its effects in desired ways.The reduction in prices ,the offering of various kind of schemes to lure customer whereas actual impact may be negligible but it may draw desired attention and the product may become alive.
The magicians are declared one who know magic but in the world there are so many people who exercise their magic using gimmick apart from other things,the entertainment industry,the fashion industry needs the help of gimmicks so that their lure do not dies.
In the world the day comes to end abruptly the one proficient in gimmick may sail through with some comfort,and even sometimes the thing having potential to sail through easily need help of gimmicks,as without crying no body hears,to gain a threshold level of acceptance/recognition one need to float gimmick time to time ,yet the worth need to be also there ,the one who want to fly solely on gimmick may not have easy journey.


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